Immuno Exercise! 

Some of the most important decisions we ever take are those about our health and well-being. For some people getting older is about piling on the pounds and losing sight of the person we used to be. For others, it is a gradual decline in our appearance and health with an acceptance of all the life limiting conditions that this brings with it. This dictates how we can live and can compromise everything in our daily lives. In reality, our health is the only thing that matters as without it we can do nothing! 
However today, there is an alternative! The science is clear, our bodies are quite capable of getting fitter, building muscle, improving our stamina and being firm and toned helping us feel better and look better. But these are not the only benefits of being fitter. Research is now indicating that the benefits extend to our immune sysyems and our ability to fight illness and infection as well. In today's world this is more important than ever before. The real issue is it does take commitment and effort to make it happen. So today is the day to make the decision what you want do, because time is off the essence. The sooner we start the better it is going to be! New figures suggest regular exercise can reduce your chances of having a stroke by up to 30%, breast cancer by 25% and dementia by as much as 30% not to mention protecting you from infection by improving your immune system. Therefore the benefits of exercise are staggeringly clear, getting started is the challenge. 
That’s where I come in, a fully qualified REPS Personal Trainer. I am ready to get your fitness journey started using online video technology to provide instruction in the latest fitness techniques. Whether it is improving how you feel and what you can do or weight reduction or improving your physical self image. I have the knowledge to support you through the challenge and to get you motivated and on the road to fitness and health, quickly!  
MyHomePT provides a free online initial consultation to access your current abilities and health. We will then design and deliver a series of online classes for you, using exercise techniques that don’t require large expensive machines, but can be done anywhere. Our exercise approach is tailored to all age groups and focuses on counteracting some of the key aspects of getting older. It also focuses on helping you build a strong infection resistant immune system and keeping you younger, longer. 
Catch my workout at: 
Using today's technology I can help with fitness where ever you are based, so please get in touch for a chat wherever you are if you’d like to find out more. Call me today on 07764616933 or email me for a no commitment chat. 
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